Speed Camera Database for RNS510/Columbus/Media 3.2


Speed Camera and Traffic Camera database for your Volkswagen RNS510 / Skoda Columbus / Seat Media System 3.2 navigation unit.



Speed camera database is a use full tool for every driver.

If you have an RNS510 unit,you can add Speed Cameras(Personal POI) to the map.

Regardless in which make( Volkswagen got RNS510, Skoda marks it as Columbus and Seat as Media System 3.2 ).

Anyway this system does not support audible warnings.

There’s one main difference in how to do it. If your unit got a firmware(unit’s main software) bellow 3xxx then you need a modified map update to include these.

We deliver modified map update so we cover both options.

If your fw is above 3xxx you can import it via SD card. This is also better for regular speed database updates.

You can upgrade your older firmware(bellow 3xxx) and update speed cameras more frequently . You can purchase a firmware update from us as well.

This speed camera database contains both fixed and mobile speed cameras. Included are also danger zones (where your speed could be measured). This is to comply with countries which prohibit the use of speed camera discovery tools. It also includes red light cameras where equipped and discovered.

We will update this database every other month(as this is in about the right period to reflect some changes). You can choose the update frequency you would like.


This database is made of data from several major suppliers but may miss some camera positions. This is not a reason for a refund or return as it is impossible to include all cameras of the Europe. If you spot a speed camera position which is not include you can let us know. We will notify the supplier so they can confirm the location.

Additional information

Update frequency

Single Download, Two Updates(Every six months), Three Updates(Every four months), Six Updates(Every two months)


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