Volkswagen RNS315 Europe V10 map update 2018


This is the latest map update SD card V10 2018(West) for the Volkswagen RNS 315 navigation unit.

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This is the latest map update SD card V10 2018 for the Volkswagen RNS 315 navigation unit.

*** Please be aware that the latest available map update for East Europe is V8.There are several scam sites and marketplace sellers offering the East Europe V9 which but is scam.It isn’t difficult to change the details but the map data is V8.
The same did happen with Audi RNS-E system where these sellers quoted the 2015 Full version as 2017.If you don’t belive us then check with your local dealer.***

This map update is compatible with the TechniSat RNS 315 SD navigation unit.
It is not to be mismatched with the RNS 310 Blaupunkt TravelPilot FX system even if they look the same.
So which one do you have?
There are plenty of guides on the web by pressing the setup etc.
Well the easiest and bullet proof way is this:
The RNS 315 (TechniSat system)has a built in memory where the maps are copied to and stay there.
The RNS 310 (Blaupunkt system) doesn’t have internal memory and the maps run only from SD card or CD.
So if you remove any CD and SD card and the navigation is still working then you have the RNS 315.
Otherwise you have the RNS 310 and this update is not compatible with your unit(we’ll ad this one soon)
If you are concerned that the maps could just not be present on the drive then the answer is that hardly.
Every car with RNS 315 is delivered with some map installed,regardless of coverage or version.But there will be some
and it’s not really easy to delete them.

But the other techy way is:

Press and hold down for approx. 10sec. the SETUP button

The RNS 310 shows only 3 information blocks
-Part number
-Software version
-System hardware version

The RNS 315 shows the same plus additional Navigation data line
-Navigation data basis
and version


Amarok from 2011
Eos GP from 2011
VW Beetle from 2012 to 2012
Passat Lim. (B7) from 2011
Passat Var. (B7) from 2011
Passat CC (B6) from 2011 to 2012
Scirocco from 2011
Sharan (NF) from 2011
Tiguan from 2011
Tiguan (GP) from 2012 to 2012
Touran (A6) from 2011
Cross Touran (A6) from 2011
Caddy GP Kasten (A5) from 2011
Caddy GP Maxi (A5) Kasten from 2011
Caddy GP Kombi (A5) from 2011
Caddy GP Maxi (A5) Kombi from 2011
California (T5-GP) from 2011
Caravelle (T5-GP) from 2011
Multivan (T5-GP) from 2011
Transporter (T5-GP) from 2011

all models with Seat Media System 2.1 from TechniSat (SD)
all models with Seat Media System 2.2 from TechniSat (SD)

all models with RNS Amundsen + TechniSat (SD)

Supported Languages:

English, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish and Czech

Coverage :

West Europe V10:

Austria , Andorra, Belgium,  Denmark, Germany ,  Finland , France Switzerland , Gibraltar Ireland ,  Iceland , Italy, Liechtenstein, United Kingdom, Greece, Hungary Luxembourg, Monaco Netherlands , Norway, Portugal , San Marino , Sweden, Poland, Spain, Slovakia , Slovenia *, Czech Republic, Vatican City

East Europe V8:

Austria, Albania*, Bulgaria*, Bosnia and Herzegovina*, Belarus*, Switzerland, Czech Republic
Germany, Estonia*,  Liechtenstein, Greece, Hungary, Croatia, Lithuania*, Latvia*, Moldova*
Macedonia*, Montenegro*, Poland, Kosovo*, Romania*,
Russia*,  Slovakia*, Slovenia*, Serbia*, Turkey*, Ukraine*

*- partially

TMC available in:

Andorra, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Finland, France (Place), Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, Czech Republic, United Kingdom

Please note that each card gets paired with the navigation unit it is used with.This prevents the card to be used with other system.Regarding this and the fact that it’s a digitaly downloadable content,we dot not accept any swap or return.There are also no readability issues as can occur with CD/DVD updates
This does not affect your statutory right’s and each item is tested prior to dispatch.

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